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Why Choose Class Glow?

Children matter. That’s why since 2012, we’ve been providing childcare that keeps babies, toddlers and preschoolers safe, loved, and learning. When you trust Class Glow with your child’s early care and education, we commit to a partnership with you that nurtures your child’s amazing potential, and ensures they spend their days in a fun-filled environment, cherished by teachers who know and understand them.

  GRADE 1 – 5
Our youngest program welcomes babies as young as 8 weeks old. Highly specialized infant teachers offer a nurturing, loving, creative world to help our littlest learners’ minds and bodies develop. We know that every moment with an infant is precious, and we are committed to making you feel comfortable that Class Glow will be a second home to your baby. Fostering a sense of wonder and an excitement for learning, Preschool is a hands-on, nurturing, and developmentally appropriate program for young children. We strive not simply to shape young minds, but to inspire them. We aim to spark fascination that lasts into Kindergarten and long beyond. We fill our pre-kindergarten curricula with hands-on projects and active play. Academically, we emphasize literacy and math, and dedicating blocks of time to skill mastery. We then spark students’ interests by tailoring the curriculum and giving children leadership opportunities to explore, investigate, hypothesize, create and discover. This gives them ownership of their learning as well as critical practice in problem-solving, communicating and collaborating. The move from preschool to primary school is a milestone in your child’s life and the transition is so much smoother when they are well prepared for this step. Our Transition to School program for your 6 year old child includes the following focus areas:
> Early literacy in the integrated 4 skills Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking in English
> Science and numeracy
> Ongoing inclusion of Craft and Arts
> Project work
> School Bag / Lunch box days
> Transition to School reports
An array of challenging and fun enrichment classes are available to enrolled children. These classes offer more opportunities to explore a particular interest, and are a great opportunity to expand your child’s preschool experience.
All classes are run by either our own teaching staff or experienced instructors from the community. Spaces are limited, so sign-up early.