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The After-School Academy, for 1 st through 12 th graders, compliments their regular school program and enriches their growth and development. As school-age children spend most of their days in a classroom, we strive to complement formal education with engaging and fun learning experiences. Low ratios benefit the program by allowing more time for individual care and attention. Children are encouraged to give input about the program’s weekly themes and plans – making their after-school experiences more personal and meaningful. It’s a flexible framework which enables our teachers to observe your child’s interests, needs and strengths – so we get to know your child and focus on building a relationship with them.

Excel English

Class Glow Olives facilitates first step program for English Language Development for school children and provide a strong foundation to students for International English as well. There are 8 levels Course which deals with integrated learning.

Excel Maths

School syllabuses in Maths are increasingly focused on advanced problem-solving skills. Excel Maths focuses on developing students’ problem-solving strategies and critical thinking abilities through interactive, step-by-step solutions with built-in guidance. Excel Maths automatically adjusts problem difficulty levels for students based on individual performance, while constantly pushing them toward success. Students are consistently on task and engaged.